I am a postdoc in household finance and real estate at ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim, Germany. My research interests can be summarized as "new and old data" and my areas of research include residential real estate and urban research, household finance, and economic and urban history. At the moment I am particularly fascinated by homes as an aesthetic consumption good: is urban appearance in the built environment valued by individuals and if so, how much does it contribute to house prices? Does information derived from images of the built environment help us make an informed decision about property prices? Also, I am interested in historical housing markets: how have house prices developed over time and what can we learn from them? How did property markets work back then; were the same economic forces at play that we know from modern cities? In my current household finance research, I use detailed household data representative of German households to analyze topics of political or societal interest.  Read more about my research here.

At ZEW, I am responsible for the research area "Household Finance and Real Estate". One of my projects there is the German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI), a quarterly survey among real estate experts, which I edit in cooperation with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). I am also the principal investigator in two research projects on gender differences in the German capital market and reverse mortgages as an instrument for one's old-age income. Lastly, I chair the annual ReCapNet (Real Estate and Capital Markets Network) conference.

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