Courses taught (2013–2019)

Heilbronn University (2013-2017)
  • Corporate Finance (undergrad, second year)
  • Financial management (undergrad, first year)
  • Introduction to academic writing (undergrad, first year)
  • European Financial Markets (undergrad, second year)
  • International Finance (undergrad, third year)
  • Financial management and investments (undergrad, second year, within the bachelor program in energy management)

University of Mannheim (2019)
At Mannheim I was responsible for developing two classes on risk attitudes and risky investment as well as housing and mortgage debt for the course Household Finance (undergrad)

University of Cambridge (2020-)
Paper 3 Maths Refresher
Paper 3 Maths
Paper 15 Advanced Techniques in Finance and Investment for Real Estate
REM2 Research Methods

During my teaching prep in 2019, I crowdsourced ideas for an undergraduate lecture on housing which was supposed to be a part of a semester-long course on household finance. Some great ideas were collected there, which is why I'd like to share this public good (thanks, #EconTwitter!).